Art Therapy

Art therapy combines creative, visual expression with psychotherapy to help people express and explore thoughts, feelings and experiences. It is based on the belief that artistic expression is inherently healing, and reflecting on one’s artistic creations can facilitate creative problem-solving, promote insight, and offer a fresh perspective on problems. Art therapy is an effective treatment for individuals, groups, couples and families with a broad range of personal and interpersonal issues. It can be used with people of all ages, all intellectual levels, and all levels of artistic experience, so NO artistic talent is required.

Art therapists are master’s level trained clinicians who are knowledgeable about theories of human development, theories of counseling, psychopathology, professional ethics, clinical research, and art therapy techniques and application. In the US, the art therapy profession is governed by the American Art Therapy Association, and art therapists are credentialed by the Art Therapy Credentials Board

Medical Art Therapy
My specialty is working with clients who have a medical diagnosis to help them address the emotional issues that commonly accompany illness or injury. Medical problems affect the whole person, and without cures for many medical conditions, art therapy offers a unique opportunity for clients to explore their experiences, constructively express their fears and frustrations, and create a new normal that maximizes quality of life.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, or you have been living with a medical condition for years, I can help you address the emotional aspects of your condition. People with medical conditions frequently report relationship stress, school and work issues, feelings of alienation, fear, and anger, existential concerns, depression, or anxiety. Through the use of nonverbal techniques like art-making, art journaling, and visualization, and traditional verbal therapy, we can explore how your medical condition has impacted you, and identify how to move forward and enjoy life despite your condition.

What To Expect
During the first session, I talk with clients about what brought them to therapy. Clients in individual therapy usually start making art as soon as the second session, depending on comfort level and goals. Both group and individual therapy sessions typically begin with ‘check-in’ time, followed by an art task designed to help explore issues of concern. Sessions conclude with discussion of the final art product, your experience creating it, and how themes or issues in the art relate to your life. More involved projects might take several sessions to complete. I offer a range of materials and art processes, including traditional art materials, craft supplies, photography and digital media, and found/recycled objects.