Art from Diabetes Group

Diabetes can be a demanding disease for patients. With advances in management techniques and technology, patients are now the primary decision makers, often making choices minute by minute that can affect health outcomes. It is a tremendous responsibility that requires constant motivation and commitment from the time of diagnosis if one is going to minimize their risk of developing physical complications, but what about the ‘other’ complications?

Are you depressed? Anxious? Unmotivated? Angry?
Are you overwhelmed with a recent diagnosis or change in care regimen?
Do you have family or relationship conflict over diabetes care?
Do you struggle with food or body image issues?
Are you not following your regimen or misusing your insulin?
Are you preoccupied with fears of complications?
Do you think you might be in denial?
Are you a diabetes ‘veteran’ suffering from burnout?

If you or the person in your life who has diabetes is having any of these complications, art therapy offers a unique opportunity to resolve issues that are compromising health, quality of life, and relationships. I will work with you to imagine and then create the life with diabetes you want to live. Art Therapy can help people with diabetes:

Develop positive feelings about diabetes
Enhance communication skills and coping techniques for managing diabetes in social situations, at work or school, and with family
Safely explore negative thoughts and feelings associated with diabetes, like guilt and anger
Encourage dialogue about difficult topics like body image, identity, intimacy, and the future
Foster creative problem-solving skills that can be applied in day-to-day situations